NUTLOVE CRISPY ROLLS – wafer rolls with cream

Anyone who enjoys an occasional (or slightly more frequent) sweet treat is no longer condemned to snacks “overloaded” with sugar and palm oil. Decades of dominance of such products have partially contributed to the wave of obesity and related diseases that can be observed today. The answer to that problem are the increasingly better formulas for healthier alternatives. What’s more, they are getting tastier and more accessible. Rolls with filling, among other things, are a perfect example of this.

Fit-Rolls with NUTLOVE filling 

The range of food products offered by manufacturers of dietary supplements and foods classified as healthy is currently booming. Until a dozen or so years ago, the spectrum of these products was mainly associated with high-protein or high-fibre bars with added vitamins. At the moment, however, you can find a healthier substitute for many other types of sweets in shops, such as cakes, chocolates and cream rolls.

CRISPY ROLLS with filling do not contain palm oil or sugar, which means that they do not have a destructive effect on the body’s metabolic health. Most importantly, the absence of these additives does not compromise the taste. They suit every taste, as they come in a variety of flavours. It is worth trying all of them, as each has a distinctive composition. You can choose from rolls with cocoa-nut or coconut filling, salted caramel or white chocolate flavour, as well as vegan vanilla flavour.

CRISPY ROLLS vs traditional sweets

The sweetness in the NUTLOVE CRISPY ROLLS with filling comes from maltitol, a sweetener from the polyol family. Those are sugar alcohols that are not absorbed by the body. They make it possible to get rid of the negative effects of sugar on teeth, or on the body’s energy and glucose-insulin balance.

Instead of palm oil, which is often found in hydrogenated form in ordinary sweets, the ALLNUTRITION rolls with filling contain shea oil. It allows to obtain the desired sensory consistency and at the same time avoid high content of trans fats, which are known to be involved in the pathophysiology of heart disease and other illnesses.

Why is this a better option?

It’s worth considering switching to healthier alternatives for sweets, as it can prove to be a beneficial step in improving your overall body condition in the long run, especially if you tend to reach for sweets frequently. Rather than buying cakes, bars, chocolates and confectionery, either for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones, it may be much better to look at healthier alternatives to those offered by global manufacturing giants.

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