VEGAN version of the NUTLOVE COCONUT cream

Vegan diets are becoming increasingly popular in our society. It is a model of nutrition which excludes all products of animal origin from the diet, i.e. not only meat and fish but also popular dairy products, eggs and even honey. Due to these restrictions, many vegans may struggle to find treats that are right for their diet.

ALLNUTRITION for vegans once again

The ALLNUTRITION brand is known not only for the products which taste delicious and let us enjoy sweets without feeling guilty, but also for functional products that can become an element of many diets and menus.

Thousands of people have fallen in love with the NUTLOVE sugar-free creams, so we decided to create a new delicious vegan version of it. After vegan chocolate cream, NUTLOVE VEGAN COCONUT WITH ALMOND NUT, a coconut cream with almonds and coconut shavings, joined the ranks of legit sweets.


Of course, it contains no animal products such as eggs, milk or honey. Despite its sweet taste, you won’t find added sugar among its ingredients, as it only contains naturally occurring sugars in the amount of just 0.3g per serving. The sweet taste is due to polyols, i.e. sugar alcohols, and more precisely maltitol.

Its glycaemic index is much lower than that of popular sweeteners such as high-fructose corn syrups or regular sugar. In practice, this means that maltitol does not cause a sharp increase in blood glucose levels. In addition, no palm oil or trans fats are used in this cream. Instead, it contains coconut extract, which gives it a wonderful flavour, and Shea oil, responsible for its velvety smoothness.

Not only for vegans

Is the NUTLOVE VEGAN COCONUT WITH ALMOND NUT cream made for vegans only? Definitely NOT! This product is perfect for anyone who likes sweets. This delicious cream is perfect as a base or a part of desserts, an addition to pancakes, waffles or oatmeal. Its delicious taste makes it easy to enjoy whether you are on a diet or just baking a traditional cake.

You can share the NUTLOVE VEGAN COCONUT WITH ALMOND NUT with all household members, relatives and friends. With its sweet coconut taste and the addition of almonds, even the most selective gourmet will fall in love with the new version of the NUTLOVE cream!

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