What do you associate the word NUTLOVE with? For us, it is already synonymous with the phrases ‘no added sugar’ and ‘delicious’. This is how ALLNUTRITION’s products from the NUTLOVE series are most often described. Delicious creams, exquisite chocolates, sweet pralines, velvety proteins or chocolate-covered nuts and dried fruit – that’s NUTLOVE.

Each of these products has been created with the greatest care to provide delicious taste and, at the same time, thanks to their composition, to be enjoyed by everyone who is on a diet and cares about their health.

New NUTLOVE bars

What would you say if candy bars were added to this unique family of legit sweets? Sounds perfect? This is exactly what the latest ALLNUTRITION product is. NUTLOVE MILK CHOCOLATE BAR is a perfectly tasty bar with a fantastic composition and ideal weight for every lover of healthy sweets.

When a sweet craving strikes, it is not always possible to have our beloved cream at hand, but every pocket, purse or handy sachet can hold a bar that can be a lifesaver in a moment of weakness.

What makes the NUTLOVE MILK CHOCOLATE BAR special?

No added sugar, of course. This product contains only naturally occurring sugars. The exceptional sweetness is due to maltitol, a substance that perfectly replaces sucrose but has a much lower glycaemic index and does not cause rapid fluctuations in blood glucose levels. Maltitol belongs to the polyols family, i.e. sugar alcohols. This sweetener is obtained from wheat starch, corn starch and tapioca, which are natural raw materials.

Another advantage is the high cocoa content, in the amount of minimum 35%. Not many people know that cocoa is considered one of the best sources of antioxidants. It benefits your health! Due to the high content of antioxidants such as flavonols and polyphenols, chocolate supports the cardiovascular system and the brain as well as protects our skin against ageing. All thanks to the beneficial properties of antioxidants that neutralise free radicals.

Try it out tomorrow!

The latest ALLNUTRITION NUTLOVE MILK CHOCOLATE BAR has, above all, a unique flavour that will suit everyone’s taste. Whether you’re at work, at school or on your way back from a workout, this snack is a perfect solution for busy people who love to “munch” something sweet. If you love the NUTLOVE line, the latest bars will steal your heart.

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