How can you make yourself drink water? FITKING DRINK – refreshing water additive

rinking water on a daily basis in quantities that are adequate for the body’s needs is not easy for everyone. If you’re one of those people who can’t bring themselves to drink pure water, flavour additives, which have an incomparably better effect on health than standard sugar-sweetened fizzy drinks, can come in handy.

The role of daily hydration

Hydrating the body ensures the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system, all muscles, and the digestive tract. This is because electrolytes, which are involved in the transmission of signals between cells within individual tissues, are contained in water. In addition, water is needed for dissolving and absorbing nutritional compounds, as well as for excreting unnecessary metabolic “waste”.

The need for hydration increases during physical and mental activity as well as during any activity on summer days when air temperatures are record high. Progressive loss of water content in the body can lead not only to neuromuscular weakness and problems with concentration, but also to heart diseases or, in extreme cases, even death.

Water additives facilitating hydration

Reaching for water frequently is not a natural reflex for everyone. Some people choose e.g. sugar-sweetened fizzy drinks instead of water. Sticking to this habit for years can ruin your health and consistently worsen your mental and physical well-being. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to change habits because the stimuli threshold related to quenching thirst is set very high by ‘coloured’ drinks.

With the rapid growth of both the food and supplement industries, it is becoming increasingly easy to find products that can replace the classic versions of products on the dietary ‘blacklist’. A good example for this are sugar-free powdered drinks that are prepared by dissolving them in water or other liquids.

They ensure a refreshing and sweet taste as they contain natural sweeteners instead of sugar (e.g. stevia) and are sometimes enriched with vitamins or other nutrients (e.g. vitamin C). They come in the convenient form of a sachet (approx. 10 g), so you can take them with you anywhere. They can be particularly tasty when mixed with carbonated and chilled water, and their health-promoting character can be further enhanced by using highly mineralised waters.

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