Delicious Vegan Rolls with filling

The range of products that enrich vegetarian and vegan diets is growing. In addition to alternatives for meat and savoury dishes, it is increasingly easier to find products for those who prefer sweet flavours.

Thanks to developments in the health and fitness industry, it is becoming increasingly easier to find treats that appeal to even the most demanding consumers. It is worth giving them a try as they can make it significantly easier to stick to a diet.

Sweet alternatives

Protein and energy bars were the ‘trailblazers’ for food products with better ingredients than the world’s most popular sweets. As their popularity grew, so began the intensive development of their technological aspects (e.g. microbiological shelf life), sensory aspects (e.g. appearance, taste, aroma and texture) and dietary aspects (e.g. composition and health-promoting additives).

As a result, there are more and more products to choose from that are attractive to consumers with diabetes, obesity or atherosclerosis, as well as those who want to avoid those conditions. What’s more, the improved options are also available to vegetarians and vegans, which is not so common in the world of standard confectionery, where milk and/or eggs are used in several products.

Vegan rolls with filling

Alongside treats such as chocolates, biscuits and bars, rolls with filling are among the most interesting options that have recently debuted on the market of diet products. Not only are they available in several flavours in the traditional version, but there is also a vanilla vegan version you can opt for. All versions are free from unnecessary sugar and palm oil.

Those were replaced by maltitol and shea oil, which definitely have a better safety profile in terms of metabolic health. Additionally, the strictly plant-based option contains rice drink instead of milk.

Ideal for trips, meetings or moments of weakness

The rolls with filling make a perfect snack for a movie night or meeting with your loved ones. You can take them with you on trips or keep them in your cupboard in case of a ‘moment of weakness’. Anyone who regularly indulges in sweets will certainly notice a difference in their body weight or general wellbeing after choosing the alternatives.

Thanks to the exclusion of sugar and palm oil, the ‘healthy’ version of sweets will not destabilise the glucose-insulin metabolism nor increase inflammation and lipid disorders.

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