Delicious FITKING Chocolate

Have you ever had a moment during the day when you were craving a treat? However, the feeling that it was the wrong decision discouraged you from sweetening the moment? Or have you ever felt guilty and had the feeling that you did something wrong after eating even a small amount of sweets?

We can fix that!

With the ALLNUTRITION brand, you will no longer be tormented by such problems. Instead, you’ll start to enjoy and relish your moments with sweets. Legit fit sweets that will sweeten even the most bleak and exhausting day come the rescue in such situations.

The ALLNUTRITION brand has created even more delicious chocolates with no added sugar. You won’t find glucose or fructose syrups in them either, and you can enjoy a high percentage of protein instead. Each ALLNUTRITION Fitking Delicious Chocolate contains an added whey protein, which makes this product versatile.

Chocolate and complete protein!

Each bar contains whey protein isolate and concentrate, i.e. quickly absorbed protein fractions which provide the body with essential amino acids that human body is unable to produce. Proteins with this composition are called complete or highly bioavailable.

The latest flavor compositions

ALLNUTRITION Delicious Chocolate White Choco With Coconut, white chocolate with added coconut shreds

ALLNUTRITION Fitking Delicious Chocolate Milky Choco With Coconut is a milk chocolate with a minimum of 35% cocoa solids which have a positive effect on our health.

Each flavor includes the addition of delicious coconut shreds that give these chocolates a more exotic flavor. It is also worth noting that each chocolate bar has been produced with the utmost care, as it is made in the traditional handmade manner.

Thanks to ALLNUTRITION Fitking Delicious Chocolate every moment when you crave a bit of sweetness becomes a pleasure, whether you add a piece of chocolate to your favorite oatmeal or pancakes, or share a bar with friends and acquaintances.

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