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  • Strengthen your muscles, shape your body and additionally support fat burning
  • Very durable and made with attention to detail
  • They can be used for training at home, in the gym or in a fitness club
  • Ideal as a warm-up exercise
  • You can take them with you anywhere - they come packed in a practical bag

ALLNUTRITION - Mini Band - is a set of practical fabric training bands capable of increasing the effectiveness of your exercises by adding resistance. Available in three different variants, differing in rubber resistance.

How do exercise bands work?

Exercise bands are used for training based on the principle of progressive overload. Progressive resistance - means that the harder you stretch the rubber, the more resistance it puts up. This way, in addition to building muscle, you can build adequate stability for the joint you are moving. The bands are used both in the professional motor preparation of athletes and by amateurs who, through their use, can work in a specialised way on improving their strength, endurance and quality of movement.

Which band will be most suitable for you?

LIGHT – light pink band: 15lbs - 6.8 kg

MEDIUM – pink band: 20lbs - 9 kg

HEAVY – dark pink band: 25lbs - 11.34 kg

Why choose ALLNUTRITION - Mini Band - a set of fabric exercise bands?

The exercise bands are manufactured from the highest quality material. They are characterised by high resistance to tearing and damage, even during intensive training in difficult conditions.

Band composition: 40% polyester and 60% latex

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