VEGELOVE CHOCO CHERRY – delicious vegan cream

A large portion of the population struggles with allergies and intolerances. Unfortunately, many of them involve dairy products and the natural sugars they contain. Intolerance to milk is one of the most common food allergies, and lactose intolerance can affect up to 37% of the population in Poland.

If you are a vegan or you do not tolerate dairy products

A lot of persons suffering from these ailments are forced to give up many legal fit treats because they contain milk or milk derivatives which cause health problems in them. People on vegan diets who do not want to include animal products in their menus find themselves in a similar situation. Many fit sweets contain milk as one of the ingredients in their recipes, which is why ALLNUTRITION decided to create a unique cream without a single gramme of milk. 

VEGELOVE delicious cream suitable for VEGANS

ALLNUTRITION VEGELOVE is a delicious, unique chocolate-cherry vegan cream based on coconut extract, which does not contain milk, its derivatives or milk sugar, i.e. lactose. The soft, smooth texture is due to coconut and vegetable Shea oil, which make VEGELOVE melt in your mouth.

As usual, no sugar added

ALLNUTRITION wouldn’t be itself if it didn’t eliminate sugar. A serving contains only 0.3g of naturally occurring sugars, as no sucrose, glucose or fructose syrups are used in the production of this cream. The sweet taste is due to the natural sweetener, maltitol, which has a much lower glycemic index than traditional sugar and provides significantly fewer calories. This polyol is derived from cereal grains, specifically maltose. It is appreciated by diabetologists, nutritionists, and people with diabetes or insulin resistance because it does not rapidly raise blood glucose levels.

Fabulous taste and perfect texture 

However, the biggest advantage of this cream is the taste, the quality of which does not differ from the best delicacies available on the market. The smooth texture and the intensely chocolate flavour of the cream with a noticeable hint of cherry make it a favourite product not only of people taking care of their figure, suffering from insulin resistance or wishing to eliminate sugar. It’s a cream fit for every household, whether we are active or not and whether we eat dairy products and traditional sweets or not. Its unique flavor makes it possible to use it as an ingredient in many dishes, as cream for a birthday cake, as an addition to oatmeal, or as filling for delicious pancakes.

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