Vanilla-flavoured white chocolate with pieces of freeze-dried raspberries

Did you know that the history of chocolate began about four thousand years ago and the first bar was made as early as about 1850? Since then, it has accompanied man and has not lost its popularity.

Thanks to a variety of flavours and additions, chocolate can be found in almost every home. We take it on mountain trips, we give it to our loved ones to sweeten their day or as a token of gratitude, or we savour its taste at home. It is loved by entire generations, from children to the elderly, from active people to busy and hardworking individuals who have to spend their days behind a desk.

“Legal” chocolate 

ALLNUTRITION, a brand that is famous for creating legal, fit sweets, has decided to launch another flavour of popular PROTEIN CHOCOLATE NUTLOVE – chocolate adored not only by all activity enthusiasts but also by people who take care of their bodies and health. This chocolate is loved by those who appreciate the unique taste and quality of the sweets they consume.

White chocolate with raspberries

A new product has joined the group of NUTLOVE chocolates – vanilla-flavoured white chocolate with freeze-dried raspberries. What makes it different from popular chocolate bars sold in supermarkets? Just like all ALLNUTRITION delicacies, it does not contain sucrose. There are only 11g of naturally occurring carbohydrates in the entire bar. The product is sweetened with erythritol, a polyol that is almost noncaloric and does not rapidly raise blood sugar levels. As a result, it is adored by people striving to lose weight or suffering from diabetes and insulin resistance.

Erythritol – a healthy and natural sweetener

This natural sweetener, which is obtained as a result of fermentation carried out with the use of yeast, is considered one of the healthiest sugar substitutes. It has a positive impact on teeth mineralisation, inhibits the development of caries and is a strong antioxidant. However, this is not the only ingredient in this delicious chocolate that should get our attention.

As much as 21% of protein 

PROTEIN CHOCOLATE NUTLOVE CRISPY VANILLA is a source of complete protein with a high biological value, which constitutes 21% of all ingredients. To obtain such a high level of protein, whey protein concentrate and isolate are used. They are characterised by excellent taste and high content of essential amino acids. Not only does each PROTEIN CHOCOLATE NUTLOVE CRISPY VANILLA bar sweetens your day in a healthy way, but it is also a source of proteins, which play an important role in the tissue building and regeneration process and affect the feeling of satiety.

Our latest vanilla-flavoured white chocolate with freeze-dried raspberry pieces combines delicious taste with functional use. Satisfying a craving for sweets will now become a pleasure without remorse.

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