The magic of NUTLOVE PROTEIN SHAKE flavours!

Satisfying the protein requirements is not always as easy as you might think. Protein should be especially important for athletes, undernourished people, patients with appetite or absorption disorders, people on elimination diets and those who work physically.

A key for protein supplementation is including protein supplements in a diet. Not only are they free from added sugar or unnecessary amounts of fat, but also have a unique taste and wide use in the kitchen.

NUTLOVE Protein Shake

High-protein NUTLOVE PROTEIN SHAKE is based on milk proteins. They are a source of valuable and easily absorbable amino acids, which facilitate post-workout regeneration and muscle mass building. A large part of these amino acids are essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own. Proper protein nutrition guarantees hormonal balance, proper working of the nervous system and many enzymes.

Buttermilk extract is an additive that is responsible for the texture of the dissolved shake. It provides the sensory characteristics that weren’t previously found in protein supplements. Thanks to buttermilk extract, the shake is smooth and tasty even when dissolved in water only. A portion of the shake can be a less-calorie alternative to popular confectionery.

The magic of NUTLOVE PROTEIN SHAKE flavours!

Thanks to their refined taste, new protein supplements from the NUTLOVE series can be consumed with water, plant-based drinks or milk, but also as an ingredient of desserts and other sweet dishes. They can add both flavor and nutritional value to cakes, muffins, chocolates, ice cream, oatmeal, pancakes, or sweet omelets and pasta. The flavour options available will satisfy the senses of any fan of sweets: COCO CRUNCH, CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT, WHITE CHOCO PEANUT.


It is estimated that the body of a moderately physically active adult may need 1.6 – 2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. This is a threshold most often not achievable with a traditional diet, as it requires the consumption of several large servings of protein per day. If we use products such as milk, ripened cheese, eggs, and processed meat, apart from protein, we also consume a fair amount of calories. Thanks to the fact that the NUTLOVE series protein supplements contain marginal quantities of carbohydrates and fats, they make it easier to create a balanced and tasty menu, even when our calorie intake is significantly restricted. Therefore, they can benefit people who are reducing their body weight, but also athletes, physical workers, or anyone who, for health reasons, should consume less sweets.

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