NUTLOVE SALTY NUTS – savoury version

The fans of NUTLOVE products, which can sweeten every cloudy day, don’t have to be reminded that nuts are healthy and tasty. However, there are people who are not keen on sweet snacks, but they prefer the savoury or spicy taste.

ALLNUTRITION tries to meet the expectations of those who love nuts, but wish to try them in a savoury version. We created a series of nut products flavoured with unique spices that give them a completely unique taste and character.

Four delicious flavours

NUTLOVE SALTY NUTS 200 G CHILLI AND LIME MIX – a mix of nuts and chili with lime

NUTLOVE SALTY NUTS 200 G FROMAGE MIX– mix of nuts with sour cream and onion flavour

NUTLOVE SALTY NUTS 200 G SWEET PAPRICA AND CHILLI MIX – a mix of nuts and sweet paprika with chili

NUTLOVE SALTY NUTS 200 G ROSEMARY AND LEMONGRASS MIX– a mix of nuts and rosemary with lemongrass

What’s inside?

Mainly nuts.

Each flavour has no less than 56% of cashew nuts. These unique gifts of nature are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, B and E vitamins, and iron. They are considered one of the sweetest and most delicate nuts, which is why they are used all around the world.

The second ingredient are toasted almonds with no less than 31% of them in the composition. They are rich in healthy fats, protein, many vitamins and minerals, similarly to cashew nuts. Almonds are appreciated especially by active people for high levels of magnesium and potassium.

Nuts should be a part of a diet and their daily intake should be 20-40 g. Due to the high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants including polyphenols, nuts are recommended in the prevention of civilization diseases.

Chicory fibre

Another interesting ingredient of ALLNUTRITION NUTLOVE SALTY NUTS is chicory fibre, used in all flavours of the snacks. Fibre improves intestinal peristalsis, increases satiety, and regulates blood glucose levels.

Natural spices

The final part of this unique composition are natural spices that give nuts a new flavour. Both the enthusiasts of spicy flavours and the enthusiasts of original combinations will find a perfect flavour. Chilli, rosemary and lemongrass are just some of the components of ALLNUTRITION NUTLOVE SALTY NUTS.

Savoury nuts, are great dietary supplements and can be an attractive part of dishes such as salads, or a snack. ALLNUTRITION NUTLOVE SALTY NUTS is an interesting alternative for salty or spicy flavours lovers.

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