Health, fitness, beauty – in an effervescent drink!

The high quality of the ingredients contained in a food supplement is crucial. However, the type of administration and the taste are the two other features of the product that are no less important. It is the combination of all the components that determines the success of the product in the market, and that a large number of customers will enjoy the benefits of using a given supplement. 

These are some of the reasons why many manufacturers of food supplements offer the most sought-after ingredients also in the form of effervescent tablets. 

Why effervescent tablets?

  • lightweight packaging you can always take with you 
  • delicious taste
  • simplicity of preparation
  • quicker absorption of the ingredients of the formula by the body

These are the main features that convince many of us to take supplements in the form of effervescent tablets.  Let’s take a look at the new options available on the market. 


For many years, products simultaneously supplementing magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6 levels have invariably been an essential element of the (e.g.) evening routine for a great number of active people.

The food we eat, despite our best efforts, is often not able to provide us with the entire range of vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients. Magnesium deficiency in the population can reach alarming levels. Therefore, especially in the case of people exposed to many stress factors, and we must keep in mind that sports effort is also one of them, it may be useful/necessary to supplement this element. 

Insufficient zinc levels in the body are particularly evident in athletes who exercise intensively and who, due to sweating, among other things, lose also this mineral. If you are an active person, it is very likely that you too may need to supplement your body with the ingredients found in ALLNUTRITION ZMA+B6. 


In the previous section, I pointed out the prevalence of magnesium deficiency in our society. It may even affect every other person! It is important to remember that the daily intake of magnesium, both from the diet and any supplements, should be about 400 mg for adult men, and 310-360 mg for women.

In the human body, magnesium is responsible, for example, for protein formation and correct functioning of muscles, it also has an impact on the regulation of blood pressure and heart functioning, as well as supports normal functioning of the nervous system and proper levels of glucose in the blood. In this product, magnesium has been combined with a whole range of vitamins in order to remedy all possible nutritional deficiencies.


This is a product that comprehensively supports not only our health, but also the appearance of our skin, hair and nails. Consequently, there is no denying that its recipients will be mostly ladies. Though confident men will also use it.

The main ingredient of this product is hydrolysed collagen. This treatment is designed to help our body absorb collagen. And collagen is widely associated with the firmness and good appearance of our skin. In this product, hydrolysed collagen has been supplemented with a set of group B vitamins, particularly with a high amount of biotin. One tablet contains as much as 1000 mcg of it!

For complex beauty support, each tablet also contains a portion of zinc and selenium. This is because their deficiencies in the body can also affect the condition of our skin, hair and nails. 


Vitamin C is most often associated with supporting our immune systems. Most people opt for it during the fall/winter season, although it is worth remembering that it can be used whenever we suspect potential nutritional deficiencies of this vitamin. 

However, vitamin C not only supports the body’s ability to fight infections but also creates a very effective shield against excess free radicals. It can have a positive effect on reducing inflammation in our bodies. Thanks to vitamin C, our bodies also better absorb iron from our diet and any supplements. And when our bodies have too little vitamin C, collagen production may be reduced, which results in an increased risk of injury and worsening of skin condition, among other things. Athletes pay attention to the proper level of Vitamin C intake also when they wish to avoid excessive post-workout soreness. Vitamin C can improve our sex life too. 


Many times in this overview, I have drawn your attention to the possible flaws in our diets that result in potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This is one of the reasons for the big popularity of products that provide certain protection against possible vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 

This type of food supplement is best used whenever we suspect that our diet is too monotonous, consists of an insufficient amount of vegetables and fruits, or when we have a very strict diet, e.g. due to a medical condition.

Remember – the way we feel and the way we perform as athletes is greatly affected by the way we eat. If the body is missing something, we will not be able to do our best. Both in life and during workouts! ALLNUTRITION VITAMINALL is a complex solution that can “blindly” replenish deficient basic vitamins and minerals. 


Virtually every athlete who takes the challenge of workouts seriously knows how important it is to replenish lost, mainly with sweat, minerals which belong to the electrolyte group. The right level of electrolytes in our body is essential for, for example, proper hydration. Negligence in hydration and insufficient number of electrolytes can take a toll on an athlete’s physical fitness and, in extreme cases, also on their health. ALLNUTRITION ELECTROLYTES contains electrolytes such as: sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium, accompanied by glucose, which constitutes fuel for the muscles at work.

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