FITKING DELICIOUS Snack Bar – delicious snack without added sugar

What sweet snack do you most often throw into your bag, backpack, or pocket and take to school, work, or for a trip out of town? If your answer is a chocolate bar and you’re a fan of legal sweets, and there’s always an ALLNUTRITION F**KING DELICIOUS Snack Bar stashed in your cupboard, then we have great news. Something new, delicious and functional is ready for you.

PREMIUM filling bars

Always focusing on quality and a well-thought-out and functional composition of the products, ALLNUTRITION made a bar which will not only make you relish the sweet taste but will also provide you with the highest-quality calcium, which is a very important mineral.

ALLNUTRITION F**KING DELICIOUS SNACK BAR 40 G COCONUT is a milk chocolate coconut bar with a significant amount of desiccated coconut (30%).

ALLNUTRITION F**KING DELICIOUS SNACK BAR 40 G CARAMEL PEANUT is a caramel and nut bar, rich in peanuts, which make 20% of the bar’s composition.

What makes ALLNUTRITION F**KING DELICIOUS SNACK BAR different from other ALLNUTRITION legal treats? Of course, there’s no added sugar in our bars. They are sweetened with maltitol, which is a popular sugar substitute, but contains far fewer calories and doesn’t rapidly raise blood glucose levels. Malitol is very popular among dieticians, active people and those struggling with diabetes and insulin resistance. Additionally, our bars are gluten-free, which makes them suitable for people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

Every ALLNUTRITION F**KING DELICIOUS SNACK BAR contains Aquamin, which is natural calcium of plant origin, namely of Lithothamnion algae origin.

Why calcium?

Why this mineral? Calcium is one of the most important electrolytes in our body. It takes part in neural conduction, regulates hormone balance, affects muscle contractility, including heart, and is, obviously, an important component of our bones and teeth. It is worth noting that the daily calcium requirement is about 1 g, and its deficiency results in many negative consequences. 

Always close at hand

The new ALLNUTRITION F**KING DELICIOUS SNACK BAR is a tasty quick and small snack, which will perfectly satisfy your sweet temptations. The compact size of the bars makes them easy to accompany us everywhere. The use of Aquamin makes the bar even more functional. 

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