Delicious granola without preservatives

Everyone has their own habits and rituals, a lot of which concern culinary aspects, more specifically the food consumed. We pay attention to the form of serving, the ingredients used, and the preparation time. Many people have their favourite meals, especially breakfast, because that’s what prepares us for a new day.

Breakfast for those who value their time and health

One of the most popular dishes that can be found on our tables in the morning is oatmeal with fruit or nuts. We love eating them in combination with yoghurt, country cheese, water, cow’s or plant milk. Thanks to its quick preparation, digestibility, and delicious taste, muesli is often chosen by people who value their time and the health qualities of their meals.

FIT – Granola 

ALLNUTRITION has decided to create two unique granola products which clearly differ from their commercial competition. The first one is ALLNUTRITION F**KING DELICIOUS GRANOLA 300 G FRUITY, enriched with a mixture of dried fruit, including cranberries, white mulberries, freeze-dried raspberries and cherries.ALLNUTRITION F**KING DELICIOUS GRANOLA 300 G NUTS, on the other hand, is a mix of oat flakes with almonds and cashew nuts, which account for over 20% of its ingredients.

And what are their unique ingredients?

Both products contain natural buckwheat and multi-flower honey, which not only enriches the taste of granola and make it sweet but also brings substantial health benefits. This substance made by bees contains over 40 saccharides, essential compounds, flavonoids, organic acids, and a wealth of vitamins and minerals. In addition,ALLNUTRITION F**KING DELICIOUS GRANOLA 300 G has been enriched with bee pollen and propolis, which are known for increasing immunity and the effectiveness of our natural protective barriers.

For generations, honey has been used as a cure for stress-related insomnia or as a remedy for cold. Therefore, adding this precious gift of nature to your morning meal is like giving yourself a boost of energy to fight hardships and challenges of everyday life.

The fibre your health needs

Another advantage of ALLNUTRITION F**KING DELICIOUS GRANOLA is a high content of fibre, which is very important for the proper functioning of the digestive system. It helps to regulate cholesterol levels and reduce post-meal blood glucose. One hundred grammes of granola provides over 8 grammes of fibre, or about 30% of the recommended daily intake according to the WHO/FAO.

Tasty, healthy, and convenient…

ALLNUTRITION F**KING DELICIOUS GRANOLA 300 G FRUITY & NUTS is a perfect addition to your breakfast. It can be served with yoghurt, milk or as an ingredient of fit desserts. Thanks to a high fibre and vitamin content and an addition of natural honey, bee pollen and propolis, this product will give you a boost of energy, improve your health and make you breakfast enjoyable.

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